Recruitment of senior managers and leaders by direct approach

The recruitment market in Asia has become year after year one of the most difficult in the world. Finding the right profile is really challenging for many reasons :


  • Speed and size of the growing economy.
  • Shortage of qualified executives compared to the demand and exponantial needs.
  • Cultural complexity.
  • Geographical distance between Europe and Asia.
  • Unrestrained race for implantation and growth.
  • Competition increase in most industries.
  • Candidates' expectations in comparaison with their level and professional experience.
  • Social and political environment.
  • High turnover of people and strong salary increase, particularly for the rares and most talented profiles.
  • and plenty more other factors ...



But the stakes for the western groups in terms of economic development are strategic. Asia represents an incredible market and offers huge opportunities to grow business. Being in Asia is becoming vital for companies facing the slowdown and lack of vitality of the European market.

Asia HR Solutions by your side

The key to success relies on your local team competences, performance and their capacity to develop sustainable activities.

Asia HR Solutions supports you in defining the right profiles to identify and recruit, depending on the employment market evolution.

Why choose Asia HR Solutions for your recruitment in Asia?

The main advantage we have in comparison to other recruitment firms located in Asia is illustrated in the following points :

1) An exclusive recruitment method based on direct approach in order to ensure full confidentiality to our clients.

We are a real headhunting firm using methodology and tools appropriated to this type of search and approach.

2) An experienced and stable team in charge of search and consulting.

3) A presence established both in France and in the main cities of growing Asia :
Our decision to be established and operating in the 2 zones allows us to offer a strong reactivity and a real proximity relation to our European clients: don't be phased by communication problems, time difference, etc ...

4) A European-Asian team but also english speaking wich allows to have a true international approach.

5) A perfect knowledge of European companies' habits and Asian culture


Our approach and expertise contribute to reducing risks of failure linked to cultural differences.