Training / Intercultural coaching

Knowledge on others culture is essential for a high quality relationship.
In reference to the Yin & Yang, the differences characterizing the Western business world from the Asian one can be dramatically reduced thanks to a deep knowledge of all cultural angles.

The language difference and various traps can appear in unknown territory ; there are communication issues, misunderstandings, mistrust in relations and suspicion which can be brakes to a strong business development.

Lack of local knowledge, misunderstanding and ambiguities, lead to slowdown, indecisiveness, points of deadlock and sometimes put foreign investors in a  failure situations. 

The advantages of an intercultural approach

Being aware of this reality, it's already being able to develop and implement solutions. 
As a consequence, during any development in Asia, the intercultural approach must be inscribed into company's strategy.

Giving you the vital keys that allow you to decipher the realities and the subtleties of the Asian continent, you will succeed in increasing efficiency and obtain fast and quantitative success in the development of your business and/or your relations with your Asian partners.  

Our coaching offer

We provide collective training sessions but also individual and personnalized coaching adapted to the specific contexts and issues faced by your business.

Our offer is also made of  "general"  trainings  adapted to a large audience or tailor made sessions dedicated to specific topics.

The list bellow is not fully exhaustive. Don't hesitate to contact us to get further information on our services dedicated to intercultural coaching.


Here are few examples of our training capabilities :


  1.    Chinese culture
  2.    Work efficiently with Indians people
  3.     Prepare your expatriation
  4.     Negociate with Chinese people
  5.     Develop business in China
  6.     Etc …